3 Fishermen Rescued at Sea Thanks to GPS Device


The effective use of the VehSmart GPS device doubtless saved a trio of fishermen from Ecuador when their boat was attacked by robbers. The fishermen were sailing their boat, Luis Miguel, southwest of the Santa Elena land, once they were overtaken by robbers United Nations agency scarf their personal belongings and also the boat’s motor before protection them in a very storage compartment, in step with the Ecuadorean Navy (DIRNEA).
The fishermen were ready to get away of the compartment and deploy the “panic button” on the VehSmart GPS device put in on the boat. This feature links on to Ecuador’s National Emergency Response System, and a Coast Guard team was ready to find and rescue the fishermen among 3 hours.
The VehSmart system is made around atiny low, moveable device that, among alternative options, pinpoints the user’s location and permits anyone on the vessel to activate a distress signal just in case of emergency. The Luis Miguel was equipped with the GPS surveyor technology as a part of a pilot program to put in GPS systems in four,000 tiny artisanal fishing vessels.
The program is sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries (MAGAP) of Ecuador and is intended to produce fishermen with bigger security and peace of mind against threats of piracy and also the usually dangerous marine surroundings. additionally, the VehSmart technology permits authorities to watch the fleet’s movements to assist forestall overfishing in bound area unitas and to safeguard zones that are restricted for fishing.
The GPS technology employed in the Ecuadorean fishing fleet combines VehSmart’s telematics and also the SmartOne transmitter from Globalstar, Inc.
“The installation solely needs but quarter-hour, that may be a tiny investment to make sure someone’s safety,” same Brad Merritt, president of VehSmart.
“Only vessels registered underneath the program receive this protection, and MAGAP is encouraging the artisanal fishing community to require the time to own the units put in as quickly as attainable,” in step with a press release from VehSmart. while not the GPS technology, the fishermen may have drifted for days or been lost bemused.


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