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Even some Sunday school lecturers area unit subject thereto. thus why area unit Uber and Lyft thus antipathetical to having their drivers fingerprinted that they only suspended service in an exceedingly major U.S. city?
Fingerprints area unit wide thought-about the most effective thanks to comb out criminals, however checking them prices quite the straightforward name-based background reviews the app-based ride-hailing firms have fought laborious to continue victimisation across the country.
So some months when the town Council in state capital, Texas, voted last Dec to need them anyway for public safety reasons, Uber and Lyft spent $8.6 million on a campaign blitz — delineate as jam-packed with “dicey misdirections” within the city’s largest newspaper — to urge voters to overturn the rules.
It wasn’t even shut.
By a margin of fifty six p.c to forty four p.c, voters said: Hell, yes, we would like your drivers fingerprinted, rather like cabbies and motorcar drivers area unit.
And why wouldn’t they? contemplate the following:

  • Ride-hailing drivers are defendant of a string of rapes, murders and different crimes across the state.
  • Uber in agreement in April to pay the maximum amount as $25 million to settle a proceedings in Calif. that defendant it of deceptive customers regarding the strength of its background checks on drivers. “Laws designed to safeguard shoppers can not be unheeded,” point of entry prosecutor George Gascon declared.
    What makes the state capital vote all the additional superb is that folks visited the polls knowing that Uber and Lyft had vulnerable to tug out if the foundations weren’t untangled.
    “The threat brings to mind what was, for my generation, a famed (humor) magazine image,” associate degree state capital American-Statesman newsman wrote, relating a 1973 National Lampoon cowl of a person inform a gun at a cute very little dog’s head. “‘If You Don’t purchase This Magazine, We’ll Kill This Dog,’” the headline aforementioned.
    “Lyft and Uber told state capital, primarily, pass our (favored) rules or we’ll kill your dog.”
    The “dog,” in Austin’s case, the newsman went on to clarify, being their customers and as several as fifteen,000 (at least briefly out-of-work) drivers.
    Public safety advocates hope the state capital vote marks a turning purpose within the in progress effort to urge the Ubers of the planet to play by constant rules as everybody else.
    “Until all municipalities need appropriate background checks for drivers of those ride-hailing services, we tend to worry continued unfortunate consequences as a results of digital hitchhiking,” aforementioned Scott Solombrino, co-founder of the National motorcar Association (Limo.org).
    Meanwhile, state capital politician Steve Adler has offered to come to the dialogue table to barter a compromise, and each Uber and Lyft area unit urging Austinites to contact their council members if they need the services to resume.
    And, oh, yes, a minimum of one little, start-up ride-hailing company named GetMe — apparently sensing associate degree exploitable gap — has aforementioned it’s no drawback compliant with the procedure demand.


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