Turn to Telemedicine for Hassle-Free Health Care


the ability to access a medical practitioner or alternative health care supplier remotely — is changing into associate degree integral a part of health care, and a sexy possibility for several patients wanting not just for medical experience, except for convenience and price savings in addition.
Health insurers ar progressively giving telemedicine as an additional profit in medical plans as the simplest way for members to attach remotely with medical suppliers, together with doctors, psychologists and lactation consultants. These suppliers are often accessed simply via voice or video, on a mobile device, tablet, or laptop.
Telemedicine sessions with a physician ar ideal for addressing non-emergency things like colds, allergies, headaches, nausea, sore throats, and skin conditions. Telemedicine permits patients to doubtless avoid associate degree reserve trip to the ER or imperative care center, and to talk with a doctor as presently as symptoms arise.
However, telemedicine shouldn’t be used for emergency things; patients in these situations ought to decision 911 or get to associate degree emergency department at once.
“While telemedicine isn’t meant to switch your doctor, it provides another avenue for folks to receive care once and wherever they have it, whether or not they ar in a very rural community or an enormous town, and whether or not they ar reception or on the go,” says letter Bierbower, president of leader cluster phase for Humana, a number one health and well-being company.
For most telemedicine services, patients will use the phone or transfer a mobile app and make associate degree account. Once a consultation is requested, the common wait time between requesting a session and talking to a doctor is commonly but five minutes.
Telemedicine services ar offered through several insurance plans. as an example, Humana offers these services through the Doctor On Demand platform as a profit on most of its cluster health plans nationwide. refer to your insurance carrier to check if telemedicine may be a lined profit on your health arrange.
Telemedicine sessions usually price less for patients than in-person doctor visits, and supply an identical level of care to in-person medical services. Telemedicine clinicians ar unambiguously trained to treat patients just about and ar totally commissioned to follow in a very explicit patient’s state.
Many telemedicine platforms raise patients to complete a form before the session begins that provides the practician relevant info, together with health history and prescriptions, to contour the patient expertise. And, to ease any privacy-related fears, all sessions with a practician ar conducted mistreatment non-public, secure and confidential technology.
Visit humana.com/employertelemedicine to be told a lot of concerning the advantages of telemedicine and the way to use it as a part of associate degree overall health-care strategy.


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