Will the Movie Studio be the Next Heavy Hitter?


Gordon Scott Venters thrives on challenges. As chief operating officer of The moving picture Studio (TMS) in Hollywood — that’s Everglade State, not L.A. –he’s been within the show business for quite twenty years and has sculpted out a career wherever others have unsuccessful.
Venters’ resume reads sort of a UN agency’s who of Hollywood (California), wherever he was president, chief operating officer and director of Destination tv, now TMS. whereas Venters includes a soft spot for the geographical region, he’s gambling that, in contrast to California, South Everglade State can become the premier destination to supply motion footage.
“The energy is totally totally different here than in California, and creating movies in Everglade State has some terrific benefits,” aforementioned Venters. “The visual landscape is beautiful from a medium position, there square measure wide-ranging places to shoot and nice visual optics. That’s the worth proposition in Everglade State.”
It additionally doesn’t hurt that the wealthy and far-famed work and play within the FL.
As Associate in Nursing undervalued publically listed company, per Venters, he is aware of that, though risky, there square measure immense opportunities for growth for TMS (OTC: MVES).
“We wish to relinquish our followers, shareholders and supporters the prospect to be a section of what we tend to see united of the most recent hot studios providing full services in distribution, power and complete production from South Everglade State,” Venters aforementioned.
Currently, TMS has nonheritable Seven Arts diversion, which supplies the South Florida-based company access to a moving picture library of twelve titles, as well as “Sleep once I’m Dead” with statesman Owens, “Johnny Pneumonic” with Keanu Reeves, and “A Shot At Glory” with Henry M. Robert Duvall, among others. extra libraries square measure beneath negotiation for acquisition. Venters says he plans to bundle these and a lot of high-profile films with indie movies that the studio has made, like “Exposure” — discharged on Netflix and on Amazon and in Walmart, Best purchase and Target.
Other movies within the pipeline for TMS square measure “Bad actor,” “Double Exposure” and a replacement mob film “Mafia adult female,” the tell-all all expose that finally reveals, per the mafia wives whose husbands claimed they were there, UN agency killed labor leader, why and the way they disposed of the body (www.MafiaWifeTheMovie.com). The latter was forged by Ellen Jacoby. Jacoby has recently forged such major motion footage as “Rock Of Ages” with Tom Cruise and “Change Of Heart” with Jim Belushi.
The moving picture Studio, Inc. {is also|is extraly} attached considering additional film comes, music videos, tv shows and different intellectual properties.


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